Betsy Rhame-Minor

What do you want to say? Betsy can help you put it into words.

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Betsy Rhame-Minor is a writer and an editor in Atlanta, Georgia. Before self-employment in 2007, she worked in journalism and higher education, and at a law firm. Betsy enjoys the variety of working on projects in the higher education, nonprofit, business and publishing industries.

Betsy’s work encompasses four primary areas:

  • editing and proofreading manuscripts, academic journals and business communication pieces;
  • grant writing and nonprofit communications (as a partner at Nonprofit Media Solutions);
  • writing communications for higher education publications; and
  • as a middle school and high school history and English/writing teacher at an Atlanta-area homeschool co-op (HEGA).

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Secondary areas of work include:

  • business and website content; and
  • manuscript ghostwriting.

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Betsy Rhame-Minor loves helping others communicate more effectively with their audiences. Her typical projects include:

  • communications for higher education institutions
  • communications for nonprofit organizations
  • business website content
  • manuscript ghostwriting
  • academic editing